websphere job support

ibm websphere job support

What is IBM Websphere ?

WEBSPHERE is a middleware product of IBM. There are many products under WEBSPHERE and those are:

  • WEBSPHERE application server.
  • WEBSPHERE portal server.
  • WEBSPHERE commerce server.
  • Data power.
  • Installation manager.

IBM WEBSPHERE application server is the industry leader in delivering superior performance. It is a software framework that hosts java based web applications. IBM offers several different platform architectures with several different operating systems supported on those platforms. WEBSPHERE application server is supported across all the platforms and operating systems.  WEBSPHERE application servers are common and consistent across all the supported platforms that mean applications see a common and consistent programming model regardless of operating system and platform with common development tooling, common source control and packaging, and a common administration model. It is also a middleware product of IBM.

IBM WEBSPHERE MQ is a middleware product which is also called as ‘message transport’. Here MQ stands for message queue. It allows applications to communicate with other on distributed systems. One of my applications is running on a UNIX system and another application is running on a windows system, then how will they communicate? So, using MQ as middleware software, they can communicate with each other. It takes care of all the storage, logging and communication details required to deliver messages to destination queue.

IBM WEBSHERE portal is a middleware product. With the WEBSPHERE Portal users are only click away from critical information with integrated access to instant messaging, fly out menus based on the roles quick access to bookmarks and frequently used portal pages.

E-commerce is no longer simple about presenting and selling products online. It’s about delivering and smart shopping experience that is seamlessly and integrated across all the customers. It is about providing average relevant personalizing experience across multiple channels for your business. IBM WEBSPHERE commerce provides as a powerful customer interaction platform for cross channel commerce. It can be used by companies of all sizes from small business to large enterprises and too many different industries. It provides easy to use tool for business users to manage across channels strategy. Business users can create and manage marketing campaigns, promotions, catalogues and across all sales channels. WEBSPHERE Commerce is a single unified platform which offers the ability to do business directly with the customers.

IBM WEBSPHERE Online Job Support:

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