Websphere Commerce Server Job Support

Introduction to Websphere Commerce Server

Websphere Commerce Server will help to perform some start up actions. You can create new pages, edit this page, & invite others to read, contribute, or manage.

Editing Pages

  • Click the “Edit” button to edit the page content (or) to rename this page.  

Creating Pages

  • Click the “New Page” link to create a new page in this wiki. 

Inviting & Managing Members

  • You can click on the “Members” link in the community business card on the left hand side. 

Websphere Commerce Server Job Support

IBM WebSphere Commerce also known as  the WCS (WebSphere Commerce Suite) is a software platform framework for the e-commerce, including the  marketing, sales, customer & then order processing functionality in an  tailorable, integrated package. It is an single, unified platform which offers an  ability to do business directly with the consumers (B2C), with the businesses (B2B), indirectly through an  channel partners (indirect of  business models), or all of these are simultaneously. WebSphere Commerce is an  customizable, scalable & an  high availability solution built on a  Java – Java EE platform using open standards, such as an XML, & Web services.

Since WebSphere Commerce is very highly customizable solution, IBM provides an integrated development of the  environment which is used to build & then  test customizations, extend business logic, change the look & then  feel of the store & a  tools, & to create a new logic to meet the business requirements. The developer platform used for the developing & to  customizing the solution is called as an IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer. So there are also 3 editions of a  developer environment, matching their runtime environments (e.g. WebSphere Commerce Developer Express, and WebSphere Commerce Developer Professional, &  WebSphere Commerce Developer Enterprise).

Working Hours

  • Monday9am - 6pm
  • Tuesday9am - 6pm
  • Wednesday9am - 6pm
  • Thursday9am - 6pm
  • Friday9am - 6pm
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed

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