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Introduction to VB .Net

VB.NET is a programming language designed to create applications that work with Microsoft’s new .NET Framework. The .NET platform in turn addresses many of the limitations of “classic” COM, Microsoft’s Component Object Model, which provided one approach toward application and component interoperability. Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET or VB .NET) is a version of Microsoft’s that was designed, as part of the company’s .NET product group, to make Web services applications easier to develop.

VB.Net Job Support

The VB.Net is an simple, modern, object-oriented computer programming language developed by  the Microsoft to combine the power of .NET Framework & the common language runtime with the productivity benefits that are the hallmark of Visual Basic.The Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is a object-oriented computer programming language implemented on .NET Framework. Although it is an evolution of classic Visual Basic language, it is not the back-wards-compatible with VB6, & any code written in the old version does not compile under  the VB.NET.

Like all other .NET languages, the VB.NET has complete support for the object-oriented concepts. Everything in VB.NET is an object, including all of the primitive types (Short, Integer, Long, String, Boolean, many more.) & user-defined types, events, & even assemblies. All objects inherits from the base class Object. The VB.NET is implemented by the Microsoft’s .NET framework. Therefore, it has full access to all the libraries in the .Net Framework. It’s also possible to run the VB.NET programs on the Mono, the open-source alternative to .NET, not only under Windows, but even on Linux or Mac OSX.

 Visual Basic language is designed to be human readable &  accessible to everyone from  the novice programmers to advanced system architects. All of this is built on top of the .NET Framework, which guarantees that programs written in Visual Basic run with un-surpassed scalability & reliability. The .NET Framework provides the VB.Net programmers with the ability to create fully object oriented programs , just like the ones created using Java, C# or C++. Also programs written in the VB.Net will interoperate seamlessly with programs written in any other .NET languages such as Visual C#, Visual J#, or  the Visual C++.

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