vb job support

Introduction to VB Job Support

Visual Basic is PL(programming language) & IDE( integrated development environment ) from Microsoft for its COM-(Component Object Model) programming model first released in 1991 & declared legacy during 2008. Visual Basic includes properties, VB.NET & events in methods, as well as understand, operators, use overloaded methods & perform calculations. The latest version release was version 6 in 1998. Microsoft stopped supporting Visual Basic 6.0 IDE On April 8, 2008.

Overview of VB Job Support

Visual Basics introduces the Visual Basic IDE-(Integrated Development Environment) and its wealth of development tools. The visual Basic dialect of including Microsoft Office, VBA-(Visual Basic for Applications), is used as a macro (or) scripting language within several Microsoft applications.  

Visual Basic was derived from  a UFPL-(user-friendly programming language) designed for beginners, BASIC & it enables the RAD-(rapid application development) of  GUI-(graphical user interface) applications, Remote Data Objects, (or) ActiveX Data Objects, access to databases using Data Access Objects & creation of ActiveX controls & objects.

  Database access is introduced to using Visual Basic’s ADO Control & data aware components like the Data Environment Designer & Data Grid.Visual Basic is one of the two most popular languages for writing.NET applications (the other being C#). It is both easy to learn for beginners but is robust and powerful enough for experts experienced developers because of its flexibility and extensive set of advanced, object-oriented features.

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