Introduction to TIBCO With SAP

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP enables the rest of the enterprise in SAP systems to seamlessly integrate within a TIBCO environment for a suite of products to integrate applications within the to reach partners beyond the enterprise , to connect with other enterprises ,and enterprise.

TIBCO Activematrix Adapter for SAP Job support

TIBCO Activematrix Adapter for SAP describes the adapter features, adapter, & the applications that the adapter interacts. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP documentation set for TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP Concepts. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP with Deployment & Configuration. This TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP course explains how to create & configure standalone adapter projects.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP Examples this course provides instructions to run the examples use of the adapter that demonstrate. This is also included Information on deploying adapter projects.  TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for SAP training understands for information about, deprecated features, new features & closed & open issues.Client-server Enterprise Resource Planning of solutions is also provided by SAP.

It is a transaction-based system, encompassing many aspects of information systems such as Distribution, Sales, Human Resources Purchasing, & others.BAPI, RFC & ALE/IDocs, which are described below briefly – The SAP integration interfaces, is the most common adapter supports. A basic understanding of these three integration interfaces helps you appreciate the capabilities of the adapter.

 BAPI (Business Application Programming)

BAPIs are the business methods exposed by SAP business objects. For performing real time queries & updates to & from the SAP system .This interface is best used with the adapter. Integration interface recommended SAP’s over BAPIs. For example, SAP system using BAPI-SALESORDER-CREATEFROMDAT2 in creation of a sales order.

RFCs (Remote Function Call)

To execute SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) functions that have been RFC-enabled the RFC interface allows non-SAP & SAP applications. They are are not attached to SAP Business Objects but similar to BAPIs in functionality.

ALE/IDoc (Application Link Enabling/Intermediate Documents)

IDocs are sales orders (example: ORDERS01) & order invoices (example: INVOIC02) such as, document containers for business transactional data. IDocs can also be sent/received transitionally.

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