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Introduction to Tibco Peoplesoft

The TIBCO Adapter for PeopleSoft 8 is easy to use & highly configurable . The user does not have any PeopleCode to run the adapter to write. The adapter Maintains business logic & integrity by using Component Interfaces by PeopleSoft Enterprise. From PeopleSoft Enterprise Component Interfaces  to Auto-generates business events.  Supports all PeopleSoft business objects and application modules.

Tibco Peoplesoft Job Support

Tibco PeopleSoft offers a complete suite of enterprise solutions for accounting, manufacturing, material management, distribution, & human resources. PeopleSoft meet the changing business needs of enterprises worldwide that is a leading provider of ERP software solutions. The internet architecture introduced with PeopleSoft & supports powerful functionality for the integration of both into the enterprise integration of external, internet access, applications with PeopleSoft applications.

That PeopleSoft internet architecture makes use of, one aspect of PeopleSoft integration technology is Component Interfaces. PeopleSoft allow external applications to invoke these business logic are object-oriented software devices. Where data must be transmitted in real time Component Interfaces are ideal for use in PeopleSoft environments that require tightly coupled integration. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for PeopleSoft Concepts, for more information on Component Interface, Interfaces PeopleSoft Component.

Another robust part of the PeopleSoft internet architecture is the Integration Broker that uses the Application Messaging technology to integrate with third party applications. Integration Broker, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for PeopleSoft Concepts, & PeopleSoft Integration Broker.A PeopleSoft Component Interface consists of format rules, content rules, & associated APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) how it is processed & that govern the structure of a business object. A Component Interface represents a recognizable PeopleSoft entity from the business world, such as a employee, customer, sales order, or invoice.

PeopleSoft data by referring to these recognizable business entities, to gain access to completely independent of the physical layout of any page Component Interface APIs enable external programs. The external programs using the PeopleSoft client library by Component Interface APIs can be invoked. The Message Agent of earlier PeopleSoft versions Component Interfaces in PeopleSoft replace. A PeopleSoft represented as a schema in TIBCO Designer & Component Interface structure is read from the PeopleSoft server.

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