Introduction to TIBCO Hawk 

TIBCO Hawk is a advanced tool for  managing distributed applications , processes and monitoring. TIBCO Hawk uses identify exceptional events at source throughout the network in applications that rule based agents and notify operations through alerts or take necessary actions to avoid failure or slowdown  can produce  databases ,data, log files, operating systems .

TIBCO Hawk Job Support

TIBCO Messaging software for communication & inherits many of its benefits .TIBCO Hawk is a tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications & operating systems. TIBCO Hawk software uses unlike other monitoring solutions. These benefits include a flexible architecture; simple to configure that are enterprise-wide scalability, & location- transparent product components.

TIBCO Hawk is an event-based system built around the concept of a distributed, autonomous smart agent that operates on each managed machine in the network. So there is no centralized console /frequent polling across the network. The software is designed specifically for monitoring distributed systems with this structure, TIBCO Hawk is global networks without the use of hierarchical managers able to scale to multi-thousand node & has the flexibility to allow individual managed entities to be added or modified without the need to restart any other parts of the system /re-configure. The work required to monitor applications and systems is performed by TIBCO Hawk agents.

An agent runs on each node on the network & monitors local conditions. An agent can be a rule base, rule base map, or schedules object. Locally loaded rules organized into rule bases to apply monitoring logic of each agent uses collections. What actions to take when specific conditions are detected & a rule base tells an agent how to system resources or monitor particular application. TIBCO Hawk includes pre-built rule bases that monitor basic system level parameters, & administrators can build additional rule bases using editors in TIBCO Hawk Display.

The TIBCO Hawk Display application subscribes to alert messages generated by TIBCO Hawk rulebases & presents them in an organized view. Rule bases can be selectively loaded to an agent. Alerts are color-coded to indicate the severity of a reported problem, group of agents on a temporary or permanent basis.

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