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Introduction to Testing Job Support:

Testing Job Support at VJS-What is Testing? Testing is either it is manual or automation very straight forward definition is that actual versus expected what are you expecting in the same thing  you can see on your application it means your testing is passed. Which means this is what you are testing it means that feature is working fine.How to verify actual vs expected? There are different ways of testing, generally there are two types of testing one is Functional testing and other one is non-functional testing.Virtual job support is highly rich in providing Testing online job support from India by top experts at flexible timings.

Overview of Testing Job Support:

  • Functional testing means you are just checking the functionality of that particular application in a different way. That you are checking the logins and we are checking the registrations, and we are checking some payments scenario, you know each and every use case and the test case, the feature wise, the functionality wise, according to the required document, according to the acceptance criteria if you are using sprint on the basis of that you are writing your test cases but those test cases are fully functional test cases.We also provide certifications for Selenium testing.
  • In testing job support ,Functional testing means feature testing like what kind of business it is? What kind of use cases are there? What are the different high level test scenarios and test cases are there. On the basis of that you are doing testing that type of testing is called functional testing where you are checking the functionality of the application.we provide on job support for Testing job support by industry experts.
  • Testing online job support from India at VJS-Now functional testing is again divided into multiple parts. First is system testing, System testing means the overall system you are checking that end to end full flash system you are checking, there are number of components  combining together and Richie login is the different component, Search is a different component, form, product How exactly all these components are interacting and working together at the system that type of testing is called system testing.
  • In Testing online job support from India the most important type of testing in functional is Regression testing, what do you mean by regression testing? Regression testing means let’s say some application is already built and what exactly  you are doing, you found few issues and developers are fixing those issues and now they have given to you that ok these issues are done, all those issues have got fixed. What is that you are going to that  is you are just checking those issues? No, you are verifying those issues along with you are checking that ok might be possible by after fixing of those issues, there are some issues in application in some other areas, there are possibility, there are high chances this is just like if you are doing an operation for a brain, you are checking the complete system, complete body there should not be any leakage or damage in some other part of the body.We also provide training for Testing job support by real time experts.
Features of Testing Job Support:
  • In testing job support,Same thing if any bug fixes are there in let’s say home page or may be some new feature got added some other parts of the application should not be disturbed. So that type of testing is called regression testing.We provide corporate training at an affordable cost for testing job support.
  • The other one in testing job support is Retesting, What do you mean by Retesting? Which means only bug verification is called retesting, whatever the bug you are verifying that is called bug verification. We are just checking any issues or bugs got fixed you are just verifying it that ok these issues are fixed or not.
  • Smoke Testing means we are just checking the basic application is working fine or not. Let’s say login is happening, all the links are working fine, all the buttons are working fine, the look and feel is fine so we are doing some basic testing in the smoke testing.we provide project support for testing job support at flexible timings.
  • Then we have Unit Testing in testing job support, Unit testing is always generally done by developers. Unit testing means on the basis of code whatever the code they have written working or not. They are responsible to write the unit level test cases. So whenever they are giving a build to the QA team it’s there responsibility that ok atleast first test the application by yourself and then once you feel that it is okay you can give it to QA team, so that type of testing is called unit testing.
Basics of Testing Job Support:
  • In the application everything is fine, the application is stable then we have to do some non functional testing. Non functional testing in testing job suppport also have many types. We do performance testing, here we are checking the performance of the application  with a different load lets say 1000 or 10,000 millions of users  are using uber app, amazon.com during holiday season they are hitting that  particular  amazon application so here we are checking the performance of the application that if amazon server is able to handle the data and handle such kind of huge amount to request or not that type of testing is called performance testing.
  • Load testing means we are checking with a different node with single users with 500 users,5000 users, what is responsive time how much it is taking to get the response, what are different memory leakage a CPU Utilization, such kind of testing is for Load testing.Then we have Volume testing, Volume testing is again similar to load Testing, you are checking the different volume that how many resources are getting utilized with this particular 500 users or 5000 users.

Conclusion of Testing Job Support:

We offer online Job Support for all modules in Testing job support. We have various Testing Consultants who are experts & highly experienced real-time professionals. Are you the one who is facing the technical difficulties in completing the given project or tasks in your current job, don’t worry you are at right place. Virtual job support is highly rich in providing testing job support by real time experts at flexible timings.

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