Struts Job Support

Struts Job Support

Introduction Java Struts

The MVC design on pattern Struts is a popular & mature web application framework based. The Struts architecture of Struts 2 is not just a new version of Struts 1, but it is a complete rewrite. The Webwork framework initially started with Struts framework & its goal was to offer an enhanced as the basis & to make web development easier for the developers to improved framework built on Struts.

Java Struts Job Support

After a while, the Webwork framework & to create the famous Struts2 framework to the Struts community joined hands. From Jakarta Struts is an open source application framework. The Struts framework using these java Struts help you to develop applications. You can understand from the Basics of Struts to Advanced Struts concepts like  Struts Spring integration & Struts Hibernate integration, Struts training are organized so that as a learner .

The implementation of Model-View-Controller design pattern for the JSP is Struts Framework. Apache Jakarta project and are open source of Struts are maintained as a part. The application of any size is suited for Struts Framework. We are using jakarta-struts-1.1 & jakarta-tomcat-5.0.4 for this training.

The three key components provided by framework:

  •     The application developer that is mapped to a standard URI the application developer that is mapped to a standard URI by  a “request” handler Xby.
  •       To another resource which completes the response a “response” handler that transfers control.
  •     The developers create interactive form-based applications with server pages a tag library that helps.

The framework’s architecture & tags are buzzword compliant. With nouveau technologies like SOAP & AJAX & Struts works well with conventional REST applications .

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