SLA Monitoring and Dashboards

SLA Monitoring and Dashboards Introduction:

SLA monitoring and dashboards Longitude SLA Dashboard provides up to an minute displays of the SLA performance, with the pinpoint drill the down to investigate shortfalls in the  compliance. Historical service level agreement monitoring a reports are also available. See exactly where an  problem is – instance, server, network, or the  application level. This proactive notification gives you time to make up the shortfall, so you should never miss an SL.

Overview Of SLA Monitoring and Dashboards Job Support:

service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow you to monitor & then  assess the performance of anything from the single entity to the multi-tiered application or the  business service.If the IT department has the contractual obligations for the service levels, Longitude’s SLA management can help ensure & the  document compliance.

SLAs are particularly useful for the  correlating user experience of the  metrics (as measured as via Longitude’s synthetic web transaction facility) within  the underlying infrastructure components that support and  associated business service. Service Level Agreements are defined in terms of service availability & by the performance, answering

Longitude’s SLA Dashboard provides up to a  minute displays of the SLA performance, within the  pinpoint drilled down to investigate shortfalls in the compliance. Historical service level agreement monitoring reports are also available. When an SLA indicates an issue,that  you can make SLA reporting more informative for the  stakeholders by commenting on the extenuating circumstances or documenting the actions taken to resolve an problem. 

Intelligent SLA monitoring & a  proactive alerting helps you about  IT troubleshoot SLAs before they miss the  targets. When problems do arise, react swiftly with the fast troubleshooting, deep SLA root cause analysis, &  detailed SLA reporting on the infrastructure of a  elements that are affecting an  SLA delivery.

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