Introduction to Siebel

Perform aggregations and necessary joins which passes down to Salesforce for increased performance to supported operations through Simba’s built-in Collaborative Query Execution (CQE) feature.Demand chains are increasingly interdependent; this integration imperative is even more pressing because supply & requiring an organization to integrate make sure the viability of the entire partner ecosystem to an extended enterprise.

Tibco Siebel Job Support

An organization must integrate business processes across a large number of disparate applications in order to drive increase productivity, revenue growth, to gain visibility to business performance. Because business is accelerating, an organization must integrate & streamline business processes in order to achieve the agility that is required to respond to changing customer & market demands. Oracle continues to enhance the integration tool set that exists within Siebel applications to meet these requirements.

Siebel EAI help to creates integration between a Siebel application &an external application provides adapters & connectors. For Siebel Business Applications other connectors are also available through partners. The connectors include data mapping between the exchanged entities, & sequencing & error handling for each supported business process.An adapter is a Siebel EAI provides a low level interface to allow one application to talk to another application component.

■  EAI Siebel Adapter: specifically designed to interact with the Siebel business object layer is The EAI Siebel Adapter business service. EAI Siebel Adapter can then query, delete, synchronize data update, or insert,  with the Siebel business object layer.

 EAI UI Data Adapter: To access business components & business built objects the EAI UI Data Adapter business service allows a Web application that is custom. Data centric object manager operations, such as delete, insert, execute update, or query to allow this adapter publishes strongly typed APIs.

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