Sharepoint Migration

Sharepoint Migration Introduction

Eliminate the risks of downtime and Save time and data loss with a zero impact migration to Office 365, SharePoint 2016, a hybrid environment  or onedrive for Business. Migration Suite that lets you seamlessly move your on-premises SharePoint environment for SharePoint is an agentless migration tool, as well as Windows file shares, Microsoft exchange public folders and personal storage, all from a single, intuitive console. Migration Suite enables you to slash project costs by migrating up to 80% faster and installs in minutes .

Sharepoint Migration Job Support

The SharePoint 2013 supports only the DB attach method for migration of SharePoint 2010. The database attach upgrade approach involves upgrading the content in your environment. The configuration that comes along with the  SharePoint 2010 will not come along with this approach.

For this approach we should have the  SharePoint 2013 environment to attach the content databases from the SharePoint 2010 environment. While performing this approach we have to document all the customization during the trail upgrade. This information is very much critical to perform the database upgrade approach in the production environment.Only SharePoint 2010 can be upgraded to the SharePoint 2013. There is no in-place  upgrade for the SharePoint 2013, There is only  database attach in upgrading.  There is no preupgrade check for the 2010, only the Test-SP Content Database before attaching is done. The site collections can have an up-grade health check run before the upgrade. The Upgraded content databases generate an up-grade status report to make sure that upgrade was successful. The Site collections are up-graded individually, &  start out, by default in the 2010 mode. An temporary evaluation upgrade can be created for an site collection to see if there will be any problems  in upgrading before doing so permanently. The Services that can be upgraded.

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