SAS SQL Introduction

The SAS System built into SQL is one of the many languages .Using PROC SQL, a powerful data manipulation and query tool to the SAS user has access. Topics covered will include subsetting, sorting grouping and selecting, PROC SQL or DATA step code than data all without use of any procedures other.

SAS SQL Job Support

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardized, widely used language that retrieves and updates data in relational tables and databases. A relation is a mathematical concept that is similar to the mathematical concept of a set. Relations are represented physically as two-dimensional tables that are arranged in rows and columns. Relational theory was developed by E. F. Codd, an IBM researcher, and first implemented at IBM in a prototype called System R. This prototype evolved into commercial IBM products based on SQL. The Structured Query Language is now in the public domain and is part of many vendors’ products.

The SQL procedure is SAS’ implementation of Structured Query Language. PROC SQL is part of Base SAS software, and you can use it with any SAS data set (table). Often, PROC SQL can be an alternative to other SAS procedures or the DATA step. You can use SAS language elements such as global statements, data set options, functions, informants, and formats with PROC SQL just as you can with other SAS procedures. PROC SQL can

  • Generate reports
  • generate summary statistics
  • retrieve data from tables or views
  • combine data from tables or views
  • create tables, views, and indexes
  • update the data values in PROC SQL tables
  • update and retrieve data from database management system (DBMS) tables
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