SAS Array Basics

SAS Array Basics Introduction

SAS arrays provide a way to SAS DATA step with convenient simple in a process a group of variables. For the last ten years a SAS software consultant at the Federal Reserve Board, as have often observed that SAS users avoid arrays, this SAS arrays paper is targeted at even when their applications would highly benefit from array users, users who have avoided SAS arrays.

SAS Array Basics Job Support

SAS arrays some notation for repeating or other related values have most mathematical & computer
languages. These SAS arrays repeated structures in the SAS data step, this SAS arrays structure is called an array are often called a matrix, a vector, a dimension, a table. The SAS arrays definition is a group of related variables that are already defined in a data step, while every memory address in a computer is an array of sorts. Some SAS arrays differences between SAS arrays & those of other languages are that SAS array elements don’t need to be contiguous, the same length, or even related at all. All elements must be character or numeric.

SAS arrays within SAS are different than arrays in other languages. A SAS array is not a new data structure, the array name is not a variable, & arrays do not define additional variables. SAS arrays are another way to temporarily group & refer to SAS variables. Rather, a SAS array provides a different name to reference a group of variables. The SAS array statement defines variables to be processed as a group. Once an array is defined, an index references the elements of the array and the array name. Since similar processing is generally completed on the array elements, references to the SAS array variables referenced by the array are called elements, the array is usually found within DO groups.

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