SAP UI5 job support

Introduction of SAP UI5 job support:

SAP UI5 job support is an open source Java Script library released under Apache 2.0 license, and it is a client side HTML5 rendering library with a rich set of UI controls for building as well desktop as mobile applications. SAPUI5 is the series of the core as well as functionally focused libraries having a runtime environment. SAP is making use of this UI library for the business applications, where the standards for security as well as supportability are vital. SAP UI5 job support tools come with a set of eclipse-based wizards and editors support to in developing applications and the protection against the cross-site scripting & other attacks and powerful error analysis tools are integrated.

Overview of SAP UI5 job support:

SAP UI5 job support is free Open Source Application, it a collection of libraries that developers can use to build desktop and mobile applications that run in a browser.  SAP UI5 job support is efficient engine for HTML updating which support MVC concept and UI construction including rich set of controls. It is based on Java Script, using JQuary as its foundation and follows web standards. UI5 is the technology or the framework used to develop app, web IDE is the tool IDE-Integrated development environment. It is provide wizards to create application projects and views according to the model view controller concept and other features like JavaScript code completion, templates and snippets and in-place application preview. In order to build and adapt client applications SAP has introduction UI development tool kit for HTML is called as SAP UI5 which is a user interface technology. We are going to develop custom controls using the UI5 extension mechanism. Using the following example, we will implement two concepts of software reuse of create our own controls on top of the UI5 framework. SAPUI5 supports data transfer like XML, oDATA by which web page can be rendered faster. The installed SAP UI5 job support UI lib plug-ins are all too magically added to the Java build path and added to the deployment assembly. The Model View Controller (MVC) concept is used in UI5 to separate the representation of information from the user interaction. It provides better readability, maintainability, and extensibility and it allows you to change the view without touching the underlying business logic and to define several views of the same data.

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