SAP LE job support

Introduction of SAP LE job support:

SAP LE job support (Logistics Execution) is a very important component of SAP ECC (ERP Central Component). It is also handles Warehouse Management, Shipping and Transportation Functionalities, SAP LE Integrated tightly with other SAP Logistics components. In SAP LE, Warehouse managed storage location plants are very generic organization unit, it can represent a production facility, simple storage warehouse depending on the use in SAP. The Logistics Execution storage location Production Planning is used to represent production facility. SAP Le supports processes from other Logistics modules Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management.

Overview of SAP LE job support:

SAP LE job support mange to different storage types are can be a Physical or Logical subdivision of a warehouse complex and each storage type can be distinguished by various criteria – example space used, function or organizational form. SAP LE job support mange Inbound process and Outbound process, the Inbound process in which goods are collected from the vendor and placed in storage in a warehouse and the Outbound process in which the goods are removed from storage and delivered to the end customer.  In SAP Logistics Execution, storage location is connected to Sales and Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), and Production Planning and Control (PP), it is includes Warehouse Management, Shipping and Transportation. It is handle two types of process; they are Good Receipt and Good issue processes. SAP Logistics Execution is logistics process can be the following Product Ordering (PO processing) for GR [goods receipt] and Sales Order [SO] Processing for GI [goods issue]. In SAP LE, Good issue processes is Negative Quant’s allows the system to keep IM and WM stock quantities balanced and it has cleared once Good Issue has been performed. SAP LE job support Picking area is an optional organizational unit and its offer opportunity used to divide the space in a storage type specifically for purposes of goods removal processes. Picking activities completion of the materials are placed in an area where they will be prepared for shipping. The activity involves use of packing materials to ensure that the materials are not damaged in transit, and to place them in one or many containers for transportation.

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