sap hana abap job support

Introduction of SAP HANA ABAP job support:

SAP HANA ABAP job support is Core Data Services (CDS) are domain specific language, service for defining, and consuming semantically rich data models. SAP HANA is revolutionary platform that’s best suited for performing real time analytics, and developing and deploying real time application. HANA ABAP Data Modeling is a process used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business processes within the scope of corresponding information systems in organizations. New ABAP for HANA features are improved tools for performance analysis, extensions to ABAP and open SQL in SAP NW 7.4 SP5.

Overview of SAP HANA ABAP job support:

SAP HANA ABAP job support is SAP NET Weaver as ABAP 7.4 is the new go to release for all ABAP for SAP HANA developments. ABAP and HANA servers involved for developing managing and calling HANA view in ABAP. In SAP ABAP, HANA manage core pushdown support the next level with the delivery of new powerful features in areas such as open SQL, ABAP Core Data Service (CDS) and ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP). Domain specific languages are based on entity relationship models is Data Definition Language (DDL), Query Language (QL), and Expression Language (EX). SAP Enterprise software at business weparly optimize execute underline your Business and IT strategies. CDS support code pushdown to data base layer and simplify consumption of relation data models by means of view entities. SQL Script is support stored procedures, which provides enhanced control flow capabilities and is positioned to be more suitable for pushing complex parts of application logic to the database. ABAP 7.4 is delivery units from HANA can be computer inside an ABAP development object. Standard CTS based transport including activation in target system and combined transport of ABAP and HANA artifacts possible. In a conventional database, data is stored in row based structure that is horizontally. SAP HANA store row and column based structure, and it provides performance flexibility, optimization, and data compression in HANA data base.

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