SAP Fiori job support

Introduction of SAP Fiori job support:

SAP Fiori job support is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles for a completely re-imagined user experience. SAP web IDE is the IDE to be able to create SAP Fiori Application which compiles to standard. SAP Fiori new user experience represents a responsive, personalized, and simple user experience across devices and deployment options. SAP Fiori is a collection of apps designed to be easy and simple to use for the most common SAP software functions and the new user experience for SAP software across the enterprise.

Overview of SAP Fiori job support:

SAP Fiori job support UX (User Experience) strategy is aimed at bringing great products to our customer. In SAP Fiori, using the principle of design thinking, we maintain our core value of listening to our customer needs and quickly incorporating their feedback into SAP products. Renew existing application by improving the UX for the most commonly used business scenarios. SAP Fiori standard application is the final app created using SAP UI5 language for a business process it can run on any device. SAP Fiori is user management gateway user’s authentication or managed, using standard sap mechanism as well as the consumer specific server tools. SAP Fiori Enterprise Portal as an Authentication provider sends an authentication request to the portal using one of the appropriate authentication options such as Kerberos, from based or basic authentication. The portal URL should be explicitly maintained on the application side. The application should attach the token to the SAP gateway service request, if the portal and the Sap gateway system have trust relationships, SAP gateway should accept the token. SAP Fiori job support NW gateway on the logon data tab, right click the ICF node and choose display services, and then choose required with SSL certificate as the logon option. It’s using this option, only X.509 client certificates will be used for authentication to the ICF service.

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