sap ewm job support

Introduction of SAP EWM job support:

SAP EWM job support (Extended Warehouse Management) is part of SAP Supply Chain Management suite of solutions. Extended Warehouse Management product is an integrated software platform for flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and for managing inventory in the warehouse. SAP EWM job support is a comprehensive data warehousing system that is equipped with features and components to drive and manage Complex Logistics (CL) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) with efficiency and dexterity. SAP EWM is integrated with SAP ERP via the core Interface using qRFC Inbound and Outbound, and it can operate in a separate platform.

Overview of SAP EWM job support:

SAP EWM job support is introduced in SAP SCM 5.0 (Supply Chain Management) and developed and enhanced with in service parts management, advances warehouse and distribution. SAP Extended Warehouse Management is similar to SAP WM functionality, but with more flexibility in building objects like warehouse structure, picking, put away, HU, RF, and etc. The Kanban signal is generated in SAP ERP, it triggers a transfer delivery in SAP EWM to pick according to Kanban details, this transfer’s delivery is then used to pick in SAP EWM. Master data is used to control replenishment of a material needed for a production order, it is also important to note the relationship to the organizational structure design with respect to source and destination storage location. SAP Extended Warehouse is covers process orders and production order, and it supports receiving from production, supply of components in SAP EWM. It is managed storage location, and inventory managed storage location, plus consumption. SAP EWM job support is capacity to control manages movements and warehouse processes in the warehouse. Extended Warehouse reduces issues and problems with enhanced warehouse efficiency and transforms operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources. SAP EWM job support fundamental aspect with respect to production is to determine how work in progress must be managed relative to production supply.

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