Ruby on rails with Java

Introduction to Ruby on rails with Java

Java is more enterprise of the app development, RoR is more startup and it is a  kind of, more agile.RoR shows full stack, Web application framework optimized for the sustainable programming productivity, allows writing sound code by the favoring convention.

Ruby on rails with Java Job Support

The Ruby, is an full-featured object-oriented dynamic scripting  language, with strong support for the functional programming &  meta-programming,  it has drawn the attention on  recently for its flexibility & ease of development. JRuby, a JVM-based interpreter for the  Ruby, combines the ease of the Ruby language with the execution in the powerful JVM, including  the full integration to & from Java libraries.

The Ruby on Rails, is an easy-to-use but powerful Web framework built on the Ruby language, it has rapidly gained popularity for the new database-backed Web applications, especially in the Web 2.0 world.

The Rails radically speeds & simplifies the development of  the Web applications, but it suffers from an image of immaturity, especially in the high-end enterprise-strength & capabilities.

On the other hand, the Java platform, with its virtual machines, libraries &  application servers, has been gaining in the speed, stability &  functionality, to the point where it is generally considered the leading platform for the high-end server applications. Yet as long as it remains tied to the Java language, the Java platform risks  falling behind as newer languages gain the  popularity.

The JRuby ties together the complementary strengths of all these technologies, by  promising added popularity for both the Ruby & Rails, while giving the Java platform the  new role in running the non-Java languages.

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