Ruby On rails Using xml

Introduction to Ruby On rails Using xml

The last year advent of Ruby on Rails, interest in the seems to have grown steadily in Ruby programming language. Rails has helped the masses see  Ruby is an elegant, fun-to-use language & easy-to-learn,  suitable even for industrial-strength applications. Ruby has been is finally getting the attention it deserves and  around for as long as Java.

Ruby On rails Using xml Job Support

The Ruby has many APIs for parsing & generating XML. The  REXML is the standard API that ships as part of the Ruby core, whereas the frameworks like Builder & Hpricot are available as gems. The Gems are essentially third-party APIs or the libraries that conform to an specific format. They are easily downloadable & installable (conceptually similar to an third-party Java API available in an JAR file).

The REXML is the standard Ruby library for parsing & creating the XML. It is bundled as part of the Ruby Core language distribution, so you know it will always be available.

The most common way to manipulate the XML is with the REXML library by Sean Russell. Since the year 2002, REXML has been part of the standard Ruby distribution.The REXML is an pure-Ruby XML processor conforming to the XML 1.0 standard. It is an non- validating processor, passing all of the OASIS non-validating conformance tests.

The REXML parser has the advantages over other available parsers such as:  It is written 100 percent in Ruby; It can be used for both SAX & DOM parsing. It is lightweight,  less than 2000 lines of code. The methods & classes are really easy-to-understand. The SAX2-based API & Full XPath support.  Shipped with Ruby installation & no separate installation is required.

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