Ruby On Rails Using Netbeans

Introduction to Ruby On Rails Using Netbeans

Ruby on rails using netbeans built-in Ruby web server, is automatically started on the project creation (as well as on Run, if not already running). There is an console window which shows an output of an  web server.

Ruby On Rails Using Netbeans Job Support

The new Netbeans 6.0 IDE contains  the full support for Ruby & Ruby on Rails. The Ruby on Rails is an exciting new framework which  allows for the  rapid web development based on the powerful Ruby scripting language.

The Ruby on Rails applications are normally combined with an database. You may also wish to install the MySQL Tools, like the MySQL Administrator &  Workbench. Alternatively, you may wish to install  the xampp for Windows or lampp for the  Linux which comes with a web admin interface.

With the Rails you can build an simple web application nearly instantly, by making use of  the scaffold code generator. You will learn how to create an simple, form-based crud application for creating, reading, updating, & deleting people

The major part of the Ruby on Rails architecture is an implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) & Active Record the design patterns. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology don’t worry,  The Ruby on Rails makes things simple for you. The model is an fancy way of talking about the database. And we will add to ours by creating an table called links to store all of the links that users are going to post to our site.

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