Ruby on rails using mysql

Introduction to Ruby on rails using mysql

sqlite3 as its default database uses Ruby on Rails, which may not be sufficient for your application but works good in many cases. If your application requires the control  centralization, and scalability, that a client or server SQL database, such as PostgreSQL /MySQL, few additional steps to get it up and running you will need to perform .

Ruby on rails using mysql Job Support

The MySQL is an leading open source database management system. It is an multi user, multi threaded database management system.  The MySQL is especially popular on the web. It is on part of the very popular LAMP platform consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL, &  PHP. Currently MySQL is owned by the Oracle. The MySQL database is available on the  most important OS platforms.  The Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, general-purpose object-oriented programming language. Recently it became very popular in the  web programming, mainly due to the successful Ruby on Rails framework.

The mysql module is an Ruby interface to the MySQL server. It provides the same functions for Ruby programs that the MySQL API provides for the C programs.

The Ruby programs can interact with the relational databases like MySQL via the adapters in ActiveRecord. An adapter can be an pure Ruby implementation or an hybrid Ruby/C extension. From your Ruby code, you need to specify only the name of the adapter you want to use; and ActiveRecord will provide the Ruby bridge code & worry about loading the native extension (if necessary).

The MySQL is a one of the most popular open source databases around & is used by many of the prominent organizations from  the Yahoo to NASA

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