Ruby on Rails using Mongodb

Introduction to Ruby on rails using mongodp

Ruby on rails using mongodp a very popular NoSQL database & the Web Services concepts & the  integrate them both with  the Ruby on Rails. MongoDB is a used to handle the  documents with the pre-defined schema which will give the developers of an ability to store, process & to  use data using.

Ruby on Rails using Mongodb Job Support 

what is MongoDB ? The MongoDB is an modern documented oriented database that is a bit different from your average SQL database. In MongoDB, there are no SQL statements & the schemas are dynamic.The MongoDB Ruby driver is the officially supported by  Ruby driver for MongoDB. It is written in pure Ruby &  is optimized for the simplicity. It can be used on its own, but it also serves as the basis of the  several object mapping libraries.

By the iInternet standards,  the MongoDB is an venerable NoSQL database. First introduced in  the year 2009, it was designed as an scalable document storage engine.  In Mongo, we don’t work with tables &  rows, we work with collections & the documents.  Documents contain the  JSON and BSON hashes, so any data that can be represented as an hash can be stored in the Mongo. Mongo is an schemaless database, meaning there is no requirements nor the enforcement about the structure of the data in a document.

Mongo is able to handle the massive data sets quickly & efficiently, &  is used by many big data organizations, including the Foursquare,, &  CERN for collecting  the large Hadron Collider data. The MongoDB using  the Ruby is now fairly straightforward thanks to the Mongo Ruby driver. This provides access to the core Mongo database operations, & natively supports many Ruby objects without requiring  the conversion  including the nested hashes

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