Ruby On Rails Using Javascript

Introduction to Ruby on Rails using Javascript

Ruby on Rails using Javascript gives the contents of the page or the visual representation of the page without doing the  full page refresh.  In order to do this, they will be  needed  to write code that is known as the  run inside the  web browser.

Ruby on Rails using Javascript Job Support

The JavaScript is an very popular programming language that is used in lots of projects, also those in  the Ruby on Rails. It’s a good idea to get to know both of these. Whether you are an experienced in web developer or just getting your feet wet in the wonderful ocean of web development & programming, these handy resources can help you improve your skills in  the JavaScript & hopefully teach you a few new tricks along the way.

With the unobtrusive JavaScript techniques, all the content on your site remains accessible even when the JavaScript support is disabled. The unobtrusive JS techniques also greatly enhance your code maintainability & allow better separation of  behaviour from markup.

The Rails ships with the CoffeeScript by default, The Rails provides quite a bit of built-in support for building the web pages with this technique. You rarely have to write the  code yourself. The rest is all built on top of this fairly simple technique.

The Rails uses an technique called as Unobtrusive JavaScript in order  to handle attaching JavaScript to the DOM. This is generally considered to be an best-practice within the front-end community, but you may occasionally read tutorials that demonstrate other ways.

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