QTP Testing Job Support

qtp testing job support

QTP Testing Job Support Introduction:

QTP Testing job support by the industry experts is provided by Virtual job support. We are providing the best QTP testing job support. QTP (Quick Test Performance) is an advanced automation application software tool, it provides functional and regression tests mostly planned for windows and web-based applications to find errors in applications. It uses VB script as programming.  In Quick Test Performance (QTP) virtual job support we provide experienced consultants to a better in-depth understanding of objects such as recording and playing tests, actions, point synchronizing and some other related techniques. QTP is very easy to implement for technical and non-technical testers in comparison with other available testing tools. In functional automation tools, Quick Test Performance is a market leader with fifty percent market share. QTP supports major development environments. We will help you to do all projects on QTP testing in our QTP testing job support.

Importance of QTP testing:

QTP is a test professional product from HP, to perform automation testing without monitoring. QTP is using VB scripts to automate applications. VB script is an object-based script.

There are mainly three kinds of actions using in QTP automation software tool. Those are as follows,

  1. Reusable action – This action can use in multiple times for any test and used by other tests also.
  2. Non-reusable action – This test can usable once in a specific test.
  3. External reusable action – This test can be reusable external actions and this action stored in another test. But it is able for local use with data information for external action.

You will learn these actions performed by QTP automation tool practically in our QTP testing job support.

All QTP versions are pre-installed with the name QTP_PAM.pdf. Without a doubt, QTP is the most demanding tool in the market. It is user-friendly automation software tool that works with windows and any web-based applications. Object repository is the main tool for automation in QTP.

Advantages of QTP:

In this QTP testing online job support, we are always there to help you to understand automated tests by using VB test scripts.

  • QTP is mainly useful in editing the recorded script.
  • QTP has a finest mechanism in object identification process.
  • QTP supports different add-in for Oracle, SAP, JAVA, Dot NET.
  • Without an active screen, QTP can enhance the text.
  • It supports all kind of automation frameworks.
  • Visual Basic scripts in QTP are very easy to learn.
  • Visual Basic script functions and its subroutines which contain library files can be added to the QTP test.
  • QTP enables Business Process Testing for non-technical subject matter experts to participate adequately with automation engineers or QTP working professionals.
  • Suites in QTP like regression and sanity are easy to maintain.
  • QTP tools can provide various methods of accessing rows and columns by using data table and excel documents.
  • This script is very easy in comparing with other coding languages. We give guidance in creating reports, its validation, and its navigation.
  • Fresher and working professionals who are not able to integrate, we will help in integration process with test management tool and its scheduling and monitoring.
  • We are there for mobile application testing. Our experts will help you in making QTP forums for addressing technical errors.
  • For implementing tools some stages are there. Each stage consists certain activity. Our professionals will always there to help you in all activities mainly the following activities.

Overview of QTP testing job support:

Virtual job support is the premier online job support for QTP testing job support. We are providing the best QTP testing job support at an affordable price. If you are not performed well in the project works, your job might be gone. To get out of your work stress, it is better to take QTP testing on job support. Our trainers/consultants have more than 10 years of experience in the professional QTP testing job support. They are ready to solve all your technical problems. In the QTP testing job support, you will get in touch with the trainer. We provide an excellent QTP testing on job support. We have a core technical team of a senior consultant from India and they are industry experts and having experience in delivering successful QTP testing on job support.

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