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Introduction of OSB Job Support:

OSB Job Support is an online technical job support from India. Virtual Job Support is providing Oracle Service Bus Online Job Support from India for an affordable cost. We have senior consultants and they are technically sound in OSB, they will guide you in different useful elements of OSB, which are useful for your job. Virtual Job Support makes so many employees work easily and they become professionals in Oracle Service Bus Online Job Support. Our consultants always available through online to give response for your queries and also give valuable tips for your profession even after completion of given job support duration.

OSB Job Support is middleware tool, which is used for integration, this tools helps two system to exchange information between each other. Then service bus is basically service contains the information and it is integrated source.

What is OSB Job Support?

OSB Job Support is an Enterprise service bus are designed for SOA Life-cycle Management. It is provides reliable and scalable Service oriented integration, service management and Message arrange between heterogeneous environment.

Service Oriented Architecture SOA:

Service oriented architecture SOA systems are able to communicate and exchange data with one and another through the use of XML formatted messages, but complexity of integrating many systems become increasingly overwhelming, despite a canonical approach In transmitting information. When you have tree systems in your information technology landscape, you will need one interface for each system you are connecting to.that means you will have nine interfaces in total. The enterprise service bus acting as a single point of entry for all systems, each system will only need to communicate with the ESB to leverage on all service provided by other systems. There man at each system will only be required to create an interface to interact with ESB instead of an interface for every other system.

The ESB helps each system route the message to its intended recipient through quitting each message sent by the system is killed into the ESB. The ESB will ensure that the intended recipient are alive and able to receive the messages before sending the message, this allows the ESB to act as the courier of the message. The systems do not have to be responsible for delivery of the message. The each system can focus on the development of its own services rather than including the routing of data, these frees up resources in the system and allow the system to better performance services.

How to Use Reporting in Oracle Service Bus 12C Online Job Support:

  • The service bus you can extract information from each message in the service bus
  • We can view it as a report in the service bus console; the information is captured by the JMS reporting provider that is included with the service bus.
  • These reports are useful to track messages or for regulatory auditing
  • To enable message reporting, first create a report action in the message flow for the proxy service.
  • Then in the report action you specify the information that you want to extract from the message
  • You first enter the X query expression to identify the variable or message payload you want to extract the information from then you create one or more search keys that identify the actual data you want to extract
  • In this demonstration we will create a report when credit cards are used that show the validation status of the card

Difference between SOA V/S OSB Job Support:

OSB Job Support:
  • It is stateless tool I,e. it does not store state and out of box there is no concept of instances to track the flow
  • Used mainly for routing
  • Take less time for processing as it is stateless tool
  • Primarly used for synchronous scenarios
  • Used for less critical transactions as it is stateless and we cant recover the message
  • Has pre-defined content and we can also create custom variables
  • Human intervention not supported
  • We can debug OSB project through Eclipse IDE.
  • It is state full tool, it store all the states to database where we can track the whole flow
  • Used mainly for business logic
  • Take long time for processing as it is state full tool
  • Mainly used for long running processes
  • Used for critical transaction where we can’t afford to lose a message
  • Does not have pre-defined variables and we need to create our own variables
  • Used when human intervention required
  • Out of box debugging not exist.

Why a Oracle Service Bus 12c Online Job Support:

  • Resolve Point-to-point Problem, it will directly send your request service from one place to another directly, so you don’t need any medium from one place to another
  • Location Transparency, you can transparent your location where you want to send it.
  • If the services going in the middle then you can directly stop it want be able to route destination.

Overview of OSB Job Support:

Virtual job support is the best online job support firm for OSB job support.  As a fresher, you have less command over the technical stuff. But with the lack of technical knowledge, it is very difficult to survive in the IT industry. As the technology is growing rapidly, you will need to know lots of technical stuff. Our trainers/consultants have more than 10 years of experience in the professional OSB job support. They are ready to solve all your technical related problems. In the OSB Job support, you will get in touch with trainer. We have a core technical team of senior consultant from India and they are industry experts and having experience in delivering successful Oracle Service Bus 12C online job support from India. We are providing the best OSB job support at an affordable cost. Our OSB job support guides you to the better understanding of the technical skills.

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