Oracle Transportation Management Job Support


Oracle Transportation Management Job Support

Oracle Transportation Management Job Support:

Oracle Transportation Management job support is providing online technical job support from India. Virtual Job Support is Providing Oracle Transportation Management Job support for reasonable prices. Virtual Job support mainly we have most senior consultants and they are Explore this your energy saving and time saving. Our consultants will support you in technically and practically they will co-ordinate you in Oracle Transportaion Management Job Support. Virtual job support makes so many employees work easily and they become good energetic professionals in Oracle Transportation Management.

Virtual job support consultants any time available through via online to give valuable tips and they are response for your queries for your profession when after completion of job support duration of time.

What is the Oracle Transportation Management Job Support?

The Oracle Transportation Management Job Support is the way that global supply lines are being implemented affected and distributed, there is need for dynamic and real-time multi modal, multinational global supply chain solutions. The control and manage these complex distribution lines. There a need from our clients to increase throughput and flexibility in these complex supply chains.

Oracle Transport Management Job Support is best product in the marketplace, which is the Oracle Transport Management constantly rated highest and most effective transport management solution in the world. This provides one place for our clients and sees what’s going on to all their products as they move around the globe.

Oracle Transportation Management 6.4 Transportation workbench:

The workbench allows you to create your own workspace combining information from multiple entities along with an interactive map. In workbench have one configured to support the fleet dispatch function where finalize the drive assignments. There we can review our shipment information along with related information such as orders and stocks on the shipment. The geographic information combine form the map with time phased information of the gantt to make our decisions.

The map also provides real time information such as real time traffic weather and traffic incidents. Assigning a driver is as simple as a drag and drop. There can easily change start time by dragging to the desired time and can switch assignments that way to.

How to Create User Role in Oracle Transportation Management Job Support:

The user role creates will go to the start with a user role and go to the user manager to create a user.  Then create a screen set assigning a manager to the screen set, then assign the screen set to a menu and then finally assigned the menu google. The transport planner will be the user role. A transport planner will have access to shipment visibility. The user role creates to a user role needs to go to configuration administration and then create the user role and going to create a new user then give it as a name.

Features of Oracle Transportation Management job support:

  • User Preferences enables you to display certain fields in a way that you want to see data in OTM
  • OTM global multi domain data model enables multiple users access to their authorized information
  • The users are granted with the access to their information through the use of a user role
  • A user role controls the data each user can access as well as the functional security for that user within OTM, it also with the appropriate set up a user can toggle between multiple roles without logging in and out of OTM
  • OTM navigator icon, the navigator icon is available in upper left corner, this navigator displays all the available menu for the user. Using the navigator icon makes it extremely easy to navigate to anywhere in OTM.
  • The release of OTM includes a very specific user navigation option called springboard
  • The user of different icons present in the global header, this icon is known as the button. The user can navigate away from any page directly to home page by clicking on this icon, the search field can be used by the users to access their saved search criteria and later refer to them by clicking on this field. The star sign icon is known as a favorite icon.

Overview of Oracle Transportation Management Job Support:

Oracle Transportion Management job support is Designed from the beginning as a web application and allowing access by service providers, suppliers and customers via the web. Oracle Transportation management Job Support is kind of web application primarily service providers and suppliers

Oracle Transportaion Management Job Support helps companies better manage be more factors in moving their goods throughout their supply chain anywhere in the world, whether those are local delivers or international shipments.

Conclusion of Oracle Transportation Management Job Support:

Virtual Job Support is providing the best Online Oracle Transportation Management job support from India for low cost. Virtual Job Support is going to focus on Oracle Transport Management and user performance in OTM. Virtual Job support is a great leading and reputed online job supporting firm and we also providing Oracle Transport Management job support for that got first job and struggling their job. Virtual Job Support is providing online job support from India for best price. We have 18 years most experienced industrial experts to guide you thoroughly work and working projects also. For Further details regarding the Oracle Transport Management Job Support and Contact Details go through our website

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