Oracle PL SQL Job Support


Oracle PL SQL Job Support

Oracle PL SQL Job Support Introduction:

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PL/SQL Language is stands for technical languages-standard query languages. It is significant member of Oracle Programming tool set which is extensively used to code server side programming language. It is similar to SQL language PL/SQL is also a case-sensitive programming language. Generally a program written in PL/SQL language is dividing into blocks.

Oracle PL SQL Job Support Block Data Types in Oracle Database:

The Blocks are basic programming language units in PL/SQL programming language. There are two types of Blocks in PL/SQL.

  1. Anonymous Block
  2. Named Block

The Both types of Oracle PL SQL Job Support Blocks are further divided into 3 different sections which are, the Declaration section, the execution section, and the Exception-handling section. The Execution Section is the only mandatory section of blocks where as Declaration and Exception Handling sections are optional.

Declaration section is the part of first place in the section of PL/SQL block, it include definition of PL/SQL identifiers such as variables, Constants, cursors and so on. This is the place where all local variables used in the program are defined documented. It is also declaration sections always start with keyword Declare.

Execution section is containing executable statements that allow manipulating the variables that have been confirmed in the declaration section. The execution section of any PL/SQL block for all time begins with the keyword BEGIN and ends with the keyword END. This is the only compulsory section in PL/SQL block. This section always supports total DML commands and SQL*PLUS build-in functions. It also supports DDL commands using native dynamic SQL (NDS) or DMBS_SQL built-in package.

Exception-Handling section is which is optional just like the declaration section. This section contains statements that are executed when a runtime error occurs within the block. We can say all exception handling code goes here.

What are Oracle PL SQL Job Support Packages in Oracle Database?

The Packages are saved libraries in the database, these packages allow us to group related PL/SQL objects and each PL/SQL object have under one name. The simple words packages are logical groups of related PL/SQL objects. Packages are named PL/SQL Blocks which means they are permanently stored into the Database schema. That can be referenced or reused by your program. A Package can old multiple database objects such as Stored Procedures, PL/SQL Functions, Database Cursors, Type declarations and Variables. All the objects included into a package are collectively called Package elements.

Architecture of Oracle PL SQL Job Support Package:

Oracle PL SQL Job Support Package is divided into two parts, The Package Specification also known as header and The Package Body. This element is saved individually in the data dictionary. The Package Specification is the necessary part whereas the package body is non-compulsory, but it is good put into practice to make available the body to the package. Package specification is also called as the package header. It is the section what we given the declaration of all the package elements. The given elements we declare here in this section are openly presented and can be referenced outer of the package.

Benefits of Oracle PL SQL Job Support:

  • Performance benefit it described about the request whenever you will be writing PL/SQL block, it will give a single request for the complete block. It will give you a performance benefit.
  • Modularization is different set of tasks we can create the different blocks, it will sometimes named or sometimes anonymous. Each particular block would be performing separate tasks.
  • Portability means if you are running a PL/SQL block in one machine, you can easily take that particular code and run in some other system as well it will be having no problem. If in both the terminals you are accessing the same database.
  • Programming feature is the iteration statements, conditional statements, loops and arrays, functions, everything here like a programming language.
  • Exception handling means if you have written your program correctly definitely it will get executed, but during the execution it may get failed because of any reasons.

Overview of Oracle PL SQL Job Support:

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