Oracle Hyperion Job Support


Oracle Hyperion Job Support

Oracle Hyperion Job Support Introduction:

Oracle Hyperion Job Support had some of its tools, which was later acquired by Oracle. Oracle Hyperion Job Support use to offer Hyperion reporting tools in which interactive reporting one of them, apart from this we other reporting tools which Hyperion use to provide was Hyperion financial reporting studio. Hyperion production reporting studio which is also called SUR and apart from that some other tools like web analysis, enterprise metrics those kinds of products are also provided by Hyperion. This specifically tools meant for reporting purposes, apart from this Hyperion also provided some application related solution.

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Oracle EssBase on Oracle Hyperion Job Support :

EssBase is part of Oracles business intelligence foundation suite of products and stands for extended spreadsheet database. EssBase is a data source agnostic multi-dimensional database that uses Microsoft Excel as the primary interface for delivering data to end-users. Companies choose Essbase to leverage, its ability to rapidly consolidate large volume of data to quickly model complex business scenarios. It is fast query responses times that enable speed of thought analytics capabilities. The companies are use Microsoft Excel for business modeling and it’s a great tool.

Financial Management Online Support (HFM):

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Online Support is  a Web-based Financial consolation to consolidation application with rich reporting functionality. It is part of the Oracle Hyperion Job Support EPM suit of product. The  target audience for HFM are large to mid-size global organization seeking a software solution to perform translation, inter company eliminations and perform quick consolidation time of financial data with an array reporting features. Some of the benefits that HFM offers to its costumers are a scalable application and it is web based and it is mature product and has been fine-tuned over the past few years. Successful HFM implications often lead to short closed cycle proven cost reductions. The intent is for the product to be administered by the finance department

HFM it offers inherent elevation logic based on dimension hierarchy and number properties. HFM is delivered with code that understand currency translation, being a financial consolidation products it also understand eliminations and can perform inter company eliminations with minimal setup. HFM has a journals module to perform topside journal entries or journal countries that can be pushed down in local currency. HFM has a process management module that gives visibility to the review and approval process of the data. The administrator can build task flow in HFM that mimic the flow of a monthly and quarterly close cycle there by guiding the end users on the tasks that need to be completed on monthly cycle . HFM is delivered with a reporting studio for a rich reporting builds that support a month end book and other supplemental reports in addition to the reporting studio. Seamless integration with many ERP source systems.

Oracle Hyperion Job Support Financial Reporting:

Oracle Hyperion Job Support financial reporting is a robust module primarily utilize for designing and highly formatted financial and operating reports. Financial reporting can be used to design traditional financial reports such as profit loss statements, balance sheets and cash management reports or custom analytic and financial reports that include graphics and text, books and balance sheet reports can be created and scheduled for distribution to end users.

The outputs of financial reporting are reports, snapshots and both. Reports are defined by report designers and retrieve the most current information from the database. A snapshot report is a report that has been previously run and then saved retaining the values on the report as of point in time.

Oracle Hyperion Online Support Planning Overview:

Oracle Hyperion Job Support Planning is a centralized, Excel, web based planning and budgeting and forecasting application. That helps us to connect operation and financial outcome, Hyperion Planning is sitting on top of EssBase , whatever data you load that will be stored inside the EssBase. Hyperion Planning is web based application, to access planning application; you need to have browser and URL.

Creation of application Planning is Two types one is Classic Application and another one is EPM Application. The creation of Classic Application is we need to create Data source name in order to bid Application. Whereas Data source name contain Relational Database and as well as Essbase. To create data source name first we need to go to Navigate to choose Administer and select Planning Administer. Then select manage Data Source and choose create option and our application is create successfully.

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