Oracle Endeca Job Support

Introduction to Endeca

Endeca job support is a complete enterprise data discovery platform developed by the MDEX engine. It allows Faceted Searches across lots of different, Jagged data sets. Endeca commerce is a solution that greatly enhances the customer experience by delivering a consistent customer experience across the platform. It is online, through mobile (or) web Oracle EC identifies analyzes & delivers the right customer driven content. Attributes are the fundamental units of a record schema. An Endeca job support dimension is a collection of related dimension values, organized into a tree that provides the logical structure for organizing the records.

Overview of Endeca Job support 

Oracle Endeca Commerce (OEC) unique platform enables organizations to extend their existing business analytics investments to unstructured data, such as websites, big data, content systems, social media, files, email, and database text. Endeca job support is Oracle with Endeca plans to create a comprehensive technology platform. So to process, manage, store, search and analyze structured & unstructured information together enabling businesses to make stronger & more profitable decisions. The combination of Oracle Art Technology Group (ATG) Commerce with Endeca In Front web commerce solutions is expected to enhance cross channel commerce, online customer experiences and merchandising. The EL software (Endeca Latitude software) to OBIEE-(Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is expected to provide a single unified user interface for analysis of structured & unstructured data. Oracle Endeca Commerce is components of a Manipulate data in the pipeline, Oracle Endeca Commerce solution, Enhance search & Configure, complete understanding of the technical architecture & how to load data into the MDEX engine. Oracle Endeca commerce is the right tool to engage and drive customer driven content across different platform. Endeca job support results in time cost savings and enables improved business decisions based on a deeper understanding of the business.

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