OBIEE Job Support

OBIEE Job Support

Introduction to OBIEE Job Support:

OBIEE Job support at Virtual Job Support-In this quick growing world, especially when it comes to IT sectors ,so many people are facing challenges  to meet their requirements in  their projects .Virtual Job support came up with a solution for this!.Virtual Job Support is a team of IT experts which will provide support to the candidates who are facing problems due to lack of technical knowledge. we not only provide the support to the candidates , we make sure that you are getting right information which is essential for your job and will make you  experts in the technology which you are working on. Helping the candidates to overcome there problems, and making them to drive in the right direction which leads to a successful career is our motto.

Importance of OBIEE Job Support:

OBIEE stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. OBIEE Job support  is a complete business intelligence platform that carry a complete range of capacity including dashboards, ad-hoc  queries project and financial reporting announcement and alerts scorecard and plan management. OBIEE Job support  have two main streams of components. Firstly, the system components which include the BI Server the presentation server. Secondly, We have Java Components such as the administration server and the managed server and lastly the node manager.Virtual Job Support also offers job support for OBIA by senior consultant from India.

  • The administration server includes the Web Logic server which is for managing the Java components and the Enterprise Manager for managing system components.
  • We also have the opmn tool which is a command line tool for managing the system components which is generally recommended for advanced users lastly the BI administration tool is for managing meta data repository. Generally a user will interact with Oracle Business Intelligence survive their web browser .
  • This web browser interface is rendered by the BI presentation server. when a user crafts and analyses it is sent to the BI presentation server as logical SQL .
  • It is good to have knowledge on Oracle Database Job Support which is designed to store bunch of data.
  • This is then passed to the BI Server which translates it to physical SQL sends it to the data source, Data Source then returns it to the BI Server and it is then rendered by the Bi presentation server for the end user.

Overview Of OBIEE Job Support:

  • The main components of OBIEE are the BI presentation server which generates the user interface, the dashboards and the answers analyses tool generates the logical SQL which is sent to the BI Server and renders the results for the end user. Logical SQL is SQL which is decoupled from the physical layer.
  • On the physical layer we can have multiple different data sources whether that be an Oracle database SQL server or an OLAP cube logical SQL allows us to craft queries and not worry about the differences in underlying physical data access languages.Virtual Job Support also offers job support on Oracle performance Tuning which helps DBA in improving the database performance.
  • Secondly, the BI server processes these logical requests and uses the repository to build and execute physical SQL against one or more physical data sources it then it returns the results to the BI presentation server.virtual job support offers OBIEE online job support for USA students by real time experts.
  • The repository file is a three layer data model which represents the physical data sources such as the columns ,the table names ,the passwords for each physical data source.
  • The mapping layer represents where we can make transformations to the data create joins between tables or create calculated columns. Lastly, the presentation layer represents what is shown to the end-user.

OBIEE Job Support Functionalities:

1)Oracle Business Intelligence Answers in OBIEE Job Support :

It is the analysis creation interface for Oracle Business Intelligence. It allows us to create, modify and save analyses  and share them with other users.

2)Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards  in OBIEE Job Support:

Dashboards allow us to create a collection of different OBIEE analyses on one page rather than have users create ad-hoc reports. Administrators can create collections on analyses as dashboards.

3)Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers  in OBIEE Job Support:

Delivers allows us to create scheduled analyses that are run at a specific time and delivered to users within OBIEE or by email or by mobile device. These analyses can be triggered when certain conditions are met.

Other functionalities  include real time decisions ,spatial data, score carding and strategy management and business intelligence publisher in  OBIEE online job support for USA students.It is essential to gain information on ETL job support which is used to pull the information from one database to another database.

BI Development Tools in OBIEE Job Support:

We typically work with the Oracle BI development tools but there are few things to know about everything that happens beyond that the things we normally never get to see especially in a cloud environment. For instance there is a Logical representation of data in the BI Business Model , when we build our reports we do not build them directly on the database tables those would be way too sophisticated for anybody to understand a customer.

Secondly, where does the data comes from? Is it a real time environment like typically the cloud applications today? or Is it the data warehouse where we have aggregated data coming from all kinds of real-time sources.

Importance of Data source for Sales cloud in OBIEE Job Support:

  • The data source for sales cloud is also known as OTBI. The transactional BI environment which means we are hitting the live transactions as they are at a database, the moment we run the report.
  • There are few things that we can do to interact with this data before we run reports on topic, though by denormalizing the product catalogue we will able to make reports on top of the product hierarchy much more easily and the same is true for the customer hierarchies.
  • Another way of interacting with the data source is through the sales cloud app composer which allows us to extend standard objects  by adding fields or by building a whole new custom objects and building relation ships between these objects.
  • To interact with the database in a more logical way , a more user friendly way all we need to do is by adding the extra layer between the tools and the data sources called the Business model, where we build the star schemas. where we can relate numbers or facts and put them in the context of what we call dimensions.

Virtual Job Support is rich in providing OBIEE online job support for USA students by the best trainer at flexible timings.Enroll at Virtual Job Support for OBIEE Job Support to achieve flourishing employment.


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