.Net Framework Assembly

Introduction to .Net Framework Assembly job support

.Net Framework Assembly job support is a logical unit of code that contains code which the Common (CLR) executes. It is the smallest unit of deployment of a .net application and it can be a .dll or an exe . .Net Framework Assembly job support is really a collection of types and resource information that are built to work together and form a logical unit of functionality.

Conclusion for .Net Framework Assembly Job Support

The .Net Framework Assembly job support  is an new concept that the .NET framework introduces to make your journey in programming much more easier. The.Net Framework Assembly job support introduces the assemblies as the main building blocks of  our  application. An application can contains one or more than one assemblies. An.Net Framework Assembly job support can be formed in one or more files. This.Net Framework Assembly job support all depends on our programming needs. Assemblies are mainly introduced to solve the problems of  the versioning,  DLL conflicts, &  simplifying the process of deployment.

The assemblies are the building blocks of .NET Framework applications. During the compile time Metadata is created with Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) & stored in an file called as Assembly Manifest . Both the Metadata & Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) together wrapped in an Portable Executable (PE) file.  The assembly Manifest contains information about itself. This .Net Framework Assembly job support information is called as Assembly Manifest, it contains information about the members, types, references & all the other data that the runtime needs for the execution.

The every .Net Framework Assembly you create contains one or more program files & an Manifest. There are two types of  program files : The Process Assemblies (EXE) & Library Assemblies (DLL). Each Assembly can have only one entry point  that is, DllMain, WinMain, or Main

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