Natural Adabas

Natural Adabas Job Support

Introduction about Natural Adabas Job support:

Natural Adabas Job support is a complete environment for application development, offering all the commands and functions that you need to create, maintain and execute an application. With the Natural applications, you can also access the data that is stored in the Adabas databases as well as in other database systems. In addition, Natural can be used to provide Web services and process XML documents.

Conclusion of Natural Adabas Job support:

Natural Adabas Job Support is Software fourth generation application development system that allows you to create, modify, read and protect data that the DBMS manages. All Adabus files and data fields referenced in a Natural program must be defined to Natural Adabus job support through a Data Definition Module (DDM). Adabus has a single-user and multi-user execution environments, both of which are supported by the SAS/ACCESS interface to Adabus.

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