Introduction to MQSeries job support

MQSeries job support is formerly known as MQ (Message Queue) series. MQSeries job support is an IBM standard for program-to-program messaging across various platforms. MQSeries job support is sometimes referred as message-oriented middleware. It allows potentially and independent non-concurrent applications on a distributed system for secure communication with each other. The product emphasizes robustness and reliability of message traffic.

Overview about MQSeries

It needs to be remembered that a message in the context of MQ has no implication. It ensures that a message should never be lost if MQ is appropriately configured. IBM Websphere MQ Series job support can be much generalized for used as a robust substitute & many forms of intercommunication. Messages can be sent from one application to another, regardless of the applications are running at the same time. A messaging-based solution enables the customer heterogeneous systems between the seamless flows of multiple types of data. To accommodate evolving government regulations and a messaging-based solution flexibly integrates new systems. It supports the JMS (Java Message Service) API. WebSphere MQ is the market-leading messaging integration middleware product. It is the name of IBM MQ Series job support originally introduced in 1993. A superior transport mechanism to handle business property necessities & WebSphere MQ provides associate reliable, scalable, secure, degree.

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