Monitor and manage databases

Monitor and Manage Databases Introduction:

Monitor & manage Database Control is the Enterprise Manager Web-based application for managing the Oracle Database 11g Release &  later. Database Control is installed & available with every Oracle Database 11g installation. Charts for the  monitoring resource usage of  both the elastic pool &  the databases contained in a pool.The Configure pool button to make the changes to the elastic pool.

Overview Of Monitor and Manage Databases Job Support:

Manage databases Applications Manager is an database server monitoring tool that can help the monitor a heterogeneous database server as an environment that may consist of the Oracle databases, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2 & MySQL databases. It also helps the database administrators (DBAs) & a system administrators by notifying potential database performance of problems.

For database server monitoring,and  Applications Manager connects to the database &  ensures it is up. Applications Manager is also an agentless monitoring tool that executes database queries to collect the performance statistics & then  send alarms, if the database performance crosses a given threshold. With its out-of-the box reports, DBAs can plan inventory requirements & a troubleshoot incidents quickly.

You can use the Azure portal to monitor & manage an elastic database pool &  the databases in the pool. From the portal, you can monitor the utilization of the elastic pool & the databases within that pool. You can also make a set of the changes to your elastic pool &  submit all changes at the same time. These changes include the  adding or removing databases, changing your elastic pool settings, or changing your database settings. The Creation of  database button which creates an  new database &  adds it to a  current elastic pool.Elastic jobs which help you to  manage large numbers of the databases by running Transact SQL scripts against all the databases in a list.

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