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Introduction to Mainframe Testing:

Testing that includes black box testing is a mainframe testing. All programming language necessary & JCR no need. Mainframe Testing is similar to client-server applications testing. For mainframe testing one has to know how to operate basic ISPF commands and TSO and menus, submit the batch job, view mainframe files, log on CICS and transactions, it’s for QA testing of mainframe applications, look at & use SDSF or other output tool, use another transfer protocol or FTP.

What is mainframe Testing  job support?

Mainframe Testing is similar to web based testing & Mainframe Testing is defined as testing of Mainframe Systems. The Mainframe application or job batch is tested against the test cases developed using requirements.

  • Using various data combinations set into the input file, Mainframe Testing is usually performed on the deployed code.
  • The emulator is the only software that needs to be installed on the client machine. Applications that run on the mainframe can be accessed through terminal emulator.
  • The tester only needs to know about the navigations of the CICS screens. While performing Mainframe testing, they are custom built for specific applications.  

The changes work through one terminal emulator will work on others tool. Tester does not have to worry about the emulator set up on the machine. Any changes made to the code in JCL, COBOL, etc.

Mainframes Testing Job Support Courses

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