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Linux Unix Windows Job Support Introduction:

Linux Unix Windows Job Support is provided by Virtual Job Support for the beginners and for employees who need advanced information regarding the operating systems. Linux Unix Windows online Job Support contains all the necessary information regarding Operating systems.

Virtual Job Support designed this Linux Unix Windows Job Support in a way that every individual must know the basics of Operating systems and their importance.

Our Trainers have good professional experience in this field. This Job Support helps a fresher or a new job holder to get necessary information regarding the OS.

Overview for Linux Unix Windows Job Support:

In Linux Unix Windows online Job Support – It will be more helpful to the employees and for the individuals who are curious to know about the Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems. This Job Support helps you to complete your project with great knowledge. Online Job Support is provided by top most senior consultant from India.

Basically there are three types of Operating systems. They are Linux, UNIX and Windows.

  • Windows operating system was introduced by Microsoft in 1985.It was introduced as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS. Because, Graphical User Interface has great demand. Windows is a commercial operating system. It is not an open source system. Windows primarily runs on the Intel architecture. It is an expensive operating system. But, it has high demand in the IT sector compared to other operating systems.
  • Linux operating system was introduced in 1991 by Linux Torvalds to create a new free operating system kernel. It is an open source operating system. The Linux Kernel handles the process control networking, access to the peripherals and file systems. It is mainly available for most 32 and 64-bit CPU architectures.
  • UNIX was introduced in the mid-1960s.Unix-like (sometimes referred to as UN’X or ‘nix) operating system is one that behaves in a manner similar to a Unix System. It is an application which behaves like the corresponding UNIX command or Shell. UNIX operating system influenced Macos and windows.
  • Linux is a clone of UNIX. According to POSIX, that means Portable Operating Systems Interface; Linux can be considered as UNIX. We can install Linux or UNIX environment on windows.

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