IBM Lotus Domino

Introduction to IBM Lotus Domino

The  IBM server application platform used for the enterprise email, messaging, scheduling & collaboration. The IBM Lotus Domino was previously called as the  Lotus Notes Server & was initially the server component of Lotus Corp’s client-server messaging technology. The Lotus Domino provides the complete infrastructure needed to create, test, deploy, & manage the distributed, multi-lingual applications, including directory, database, application server, administration, security, connectivity, Web server, e-mail server, calendaring engine, and so on, all in the single application.

Overview about Lotus Domino Job Support

Lotus Domino is an business collaboration software developed by the IBM for hosting the critical applications, messaging (enterprise-grade email) & workflow, & providing security features for the  business-critical information. Lotus Domino can be used as an Web server &  as an application server for the Lotus Notes application, the client side of an client-server collaborative application.

The Lotus Domino products are released simultaneously with the same version of Lotus Notes client products. The  Lotus Domino products include:

  • Collaboration _Express
  • Enterprise _Server
  • Messaging _Express
  • Messaging _Server
  • Utility _Express
  • Utility _Server
  • Administrator _Client
  • Designer_ Client
  • Document _Manager
  • Everyplace
  • IBM Lotus iNotes (known as the IBM Lotus Domino Web Access before 2008)
  • Lite Mode
  • Ultralite _Mode
  • Unified Communications
  • The Lotus Notes Traveler

Although Lotus Domino is independent of the hardware or  the software used, the version of  the Lotus Domino supported by the operating system must be the one released at about the same time as an  operating system release.

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