Ibm datapower API management

Ibm Datapower Api Management Introduction:

Ibm datapower  APIs management can be created by describing an  input & an  output in the API Manager User Interface by the  configuration. APIs can  be decorated within the  additional data in the form of the  tags, binary documentation & the documentation of the  URLs.

Overview Of IBM Datapower API Management Job Support:

IBM datapower API Management (IBM APIM) is the  API Management platform for the  use in the API Economy. IBM API Management enables the users to create, assemble, manage, secure & to socialize web application programming of a  interfaces (APIs).

It runs as the  Virtual appliance on a Virtual machine &  uses the IBM DataPower SOA Appliances as gateways.It provides an  developer portal for the application developers &  to view published on a  APIs. An administration portal allows users to establish the policies for APIs such as the  self-registration, quotas, key management & the  security policies.

An analytics engine provides an role-based analytics for the  API owners, solution administrators & a application developers in order to manage the APIs & to ensure service levels are being to achieved.Swagger (now called OpenAPI) and documents can be loaded &  parsed into APIs. APIs can be created by describing the input & an output in the API Manager User Interface by configuration.

APIs can then be decorated with the additional data in the form of a tags, binary documentation &  documentation URLs. APIs can proxy an existing API or to use an assembly where a flow is created. In such an assembly the  flow it is possible to call out to the other services, transform the  response data, redact information & a map response data from external APIs to the response of a  API.

Plans can be created which the  specify rate limits, whether the sign ups need to be approved, &  a collection of the APIs to offer to developers. Plans can be published to an  specific environment.An environment consists of a management server & an API gateway. Plans published to an environment can be visible in a developer portal, enabling developers to sign up to plans &  use the APIs contain within.

API business owners can customize their developer portal with their branding to the  advertise, market, socialize & to  sell APIs. Plans published to an environment can be invoked on a  API gateway, delegating to the API gateway responsibility for rate limits, rejecting unknown users  & a scalability. The API Gateway is one or more IBM DataPower Gateway devices.The API gateway collects invocation of a  metrics which are in  available

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