Hadoop HBase

Hadoop HBase Introduction:

Apache HBase provides random, real time access to your data in Hadoop. It was created for hosting very large tables, making it a great choice to store multi-structured or sparse data. Users can query HBase for a particular point in time, making “flashback” queries possible. These following characteristics make HBase a great choice for storing semi-structured data like log data and then providing that data very quickly to users or applications integrated with HBase.

Overview Of Hadoop HBase Job Support:

Hbase is a open-source, distributed sorted map  modeled after the Google’s BigTable . It is an open Source , and is an Apache 2.0 License having Commiters &  contributors from diverse  organizations like Facebook, Trend Micro etc.

HBase is an distributed column-oriented database built on the top of the Hadoop file system. It is an open-source project & is horizontally scalable. The HBase is an data model which is similar to  the Google’s big table designed to provide quick random access to the huge amounts of structured data.

It leverages the fault tolerance provided by the Hadoop File System (HDFS). It is the part of the Hadoop ecosystem that provides an  random real-time read and write access to data in the Hadoop File System. One can also store the data in HDFS either directly or through HBase.  The data consumer reads and accesses the data in the HDFS randomly by using  the HBase. The HBase sits on the top of the Hadoop File System & it also provides read & write access.

The Hbase is an Non-relational, distributed database and it is an  column‐oriented , multi‐dimensional  and has very high availability along with high performanc

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