Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Ecosystem Introduction:

We all know Hadoop is a framework which deals with Big Data but unlike any other frame work it’s not a simple framework, it has its own family for processing different thing which is tied up in one umbrella called as Hadoop Ecosystem. Before jumping directly to members of ecosystem let’s have a understanding of classification of data.

Overview Of Hadoop Ecosystem Job Support:

The Hadoop is an leading open-source software framework developed as scalable, reliable & distributed computing. With the world producing data in the zettabyte range there is an growing need for the cheap, scalable, reliable & the fast computing to process & make sense of all of this data.

The underlying technology for Hadoop framework was created by the Google as there was no software in the market that fit the Google needs. Indexing the web &  analysing search patterns required deep & computationally extensive analytics that would help Google to improve their user behaviour algorithms. Hadoop is built just for that as it runs on an large number of machines that share the workload to optimise the performance.

Moreover,the  Hadoop replicates the data throughout the machines ensuring that the processing of data will not be disrupted if one or multiple machines stop working. The Hadoop has been extensively developed over the years by  adding new technologies & features to existing software by creating the ecosystem we have today.

The Hadoop ecosystem includes many components such as Database integration: Sqoop, Flume, Kafka,  Storage: HDFS, HBase , Data processing: Spark, MapReduce, Pig, SQL support: Hive, Impala, SparkQL ,  Others:  Workflow: Oozie ,  Machine learning: Mahout

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