ETL Testing

Introduction to ETL Testing job support:

This ETL Testing Job Support can be taken by anybody from beginners to experts. This support follows a step-by-step routine that includes ETL Testing introduction, the difference between OLTP and OLAP, learning about Data Warehousing concepts, its RDBMS, workflow, difference between data warehouse testing and database testing, checking data using SQL and the opportunities in Business Intelligence.

Overview about ETL Testing:

The course includes topics related to the foundation of Data Warehouse with the concepts, Dimensional Modeling and important aspects of Dimensions. ETL Testing job support is designed for both entry-level and advanced Programmers. Facts and Slowly Changing Dimensions along with the DW/BI/ETL set up, Database Testing Vs Data Warehouse Testing, and Data Warehouse Workflow, Data Checks using SQL, Case Study, and Scope of BI testing as a bonus you will also get the steps to set up the environment with the most popular ETL tool Informatics to perform all the activities on your personal computer to get first hand practical knowledge. ETL testing is commonly implemented either manually or with the help of a tool functional testing tool, ETL tool, and proprietary utilities. Our ETL testing training program starts with introduction to Data warehouse concepts,  Etl test plan, Etl development life cycle,  Etl test process (or) Etl testing life cycle, Types of etl testing, Types of etl bugs, Testing templates, Bug reporting,  (test case, bug reporting & etc..), Etl interview questions, Etl performance testing, Project with example, Unix, SQL and much more…

ETL Testing job support Courses

ETL testing framework

ETL testing HCL

ETL Testing Workflow Process

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