Dynatrace with loadrunner, selinium, splunk, jmeter Job Support

Dynatrace loadrunner ,selinium,splunk,jmeter Introduction:

Dynatrace loadrunner can be used with the  HP LoadRunner. HTTP Requests generated by the  LoadRunner´s Virtual User Generator.Selenium is a free Web Application Testing System. It gained an lots of popularity since it is in available.JMeter to do some simple synthetic transactions on our production environments &  added a number of listeners to capture the summary of test runs to an XML file.

Overview of Dynatrace loadrunner ,selinium,splunk,jmeter:

Dynatrace LoadRunner works by an creating  of the virtual users take the place of the  users operating  the client software, such as an Internet Explorer sending requests by  using the HTTP protocol to IIS or the Apache web servers. Requests from many of the  virtual user clients are generated by the  “Load Generators” in order to create an  various load on  servers under the test.The Controller controls load test runs based on the  “Scenarios” invoking compiled in the “Scripts” & then associated “Run-time Settings”.

Scripts are crafted by using the “Virtual user script Generator” (named as  “V U Gen”), It generates the C-language script code to be executed by the  virtual users by capturing the  network traffic between the  Internet application clients & the servers.

Java clients, VuGen captures calls by the hooking within the client of  JVM.During runs,of the status of each machine is monitored by an Controller.At the end of each of the run, the Controller combines its monitoring logs with the  logs obtained from the  load generators, &  makes them available to the “Analysis” the  program, which can then create run the  result reports &  graphs for then the Microsoft Word, Crystal Reports, or an HTML webpage of the browser.

Each HTML report page generated by the Analysis includes a link to results in the text file which Microsoft Excel can be  open to perform the additional analysis.Errors during the  each run are stored in the database which can be read by the using Microsoft Access

Selenium can automate with any part of the  web page if it is based on the  HTML. So if you want to  check with  it, open  the CRM web application, open the browser console & then  confirm if all the elements required for your automation of  test are based on the  HTML.

Splunk  provides the engine for the machine data . Splunk  software collects, indexes & the harnesses the machine-generated by the big data coming from an  websites, applications, servers, networks & the  mobile devices that power business. Splunk software enables the  organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize & to act on massive streams of real-time & the historical machine data. record an simple script, run it with the multiple threads &  that script would work  for just fine. However, most of an  applications that we build &  test are not that much simple.

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