Dynatrace ajax with selenium

Dynatrace Ajax With Selenium Introduction:

Dynatrace ajax with selenium allows the Web page to retrieve small amounts of data from the server without reloading to the entire page. In AJAX driven with web applications, data is retrieved from the  server without refreshing the page.

Overview Of Dynatrace Ajax With Selenium Job Support:

The dynaTrace AJAX Edition is a widely used tool for the building optimized  of the web applications. DynaTrace helps in analyzing the  problems in the JavaScript, network requests, and page load performance. dynaTrace provides the  support for the  Internet Explorer & the  Firefox web browsers.

When you monitor an application with the  dynaTrace, it analyzes an  application & then  finds problems while  they providing detail metrics about an  application’s performance on various levels. It also provides optimization recommendations automatically. dynaTrace provides support for various testing tools including the Selenium WebDriver, where we can combine dynaTrace with tests.

At dynaTrace, we see the paradigm shift of a web applications with our clients as well as in a  industry where the browsers &   their runtimes (JavaScript, DOM) become the application platforms. The rise of  the frameworks like the  jQuery, GWT, YUI, DoJo, … make it easier to build an Web 2.0 applications – but it has an  become harder to identify the  problems in these applications whether those problems are the  functional or the  performance related.

The number one of the  browser is still in the Internet Explorer – even more so in the  enterprise environments. Diagnostics tools for the IE are the rare leaving developers & a  testers with lots of a pain when it comes to the problem analysis. The challenges in Web 2.0/AJAX Applications are not only to the  understand network interactions (how many &  when resources get downloaded), but also how this effects with  performance.

The problem field extends to th JavaScript, XmlHttpRequests, DOM Manipulations, Frameworks, Lyouting & the  Rendering. dynaTrace AJAX Edition has been built to the  address all these issues to help and to  understand

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