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DynaTrace ajax Introduction:

At dynaTrace ajax  we see the paradigm shift of  a web applications with our clients as well as in the industry where the browsers and their runtimes (JavaScript, DOM) become  an application platforms. The rise of  the frameworks like jQuery, GWT,YUI  &  DoJo

Overview Of DynaTrace Ajax Job Support :

DynaTrace has been around for the  several years focusing on the performance of the analysis of backend of the  applications. They entered the frontend of the performance arena with the release of the  dynaTrace Ajax of the Edition. It’s an free tool that runs in the  IE as an web  browser helper  of object (BHO). they  tried it out  & was pleased. It’s important to have an  development tools that work in IE.  Firefox &  all its add-ons, but they also know from the  how important it is to test on the IE &  more importantly to be able to be  debug on the IE.

don’t be fooled if you don’t see an easy way to start it from within  the IE. You have to go from the under Programs in a Start Menu & then  find the dynaTrace program of a  group. Entering an URL for the first test run is the obvious. For subsequent runs, click on to the “play” icon’s menu & to  pick “New Run Configuration” & then  enter a different URL. One of the nice features of the DAE is that it can run during the  multi-page workflow. You can enter the starting of  URL, &  then navigate to other pages or to launch Ajax features while DAE monitors everything in a  background. When you close IE you can dig into all of a info DAE has gathered.

DAE gathers a ton of information on your web app. My main issue is that there’s so much of  information you really need to play with it from  a while to discover what it can do. This isn’t an  bad thing – slightly challenging at the beginning, but once you know how to navigate through the UI you’ll find the answer for almost any performance or the profiling question you have. They kept finding new windows that was revealed different views of the information DAE had collected.

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