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Introduction about Devops Unit Testing Job Support:

Developers often write an automated unit test cases. Sometimes they might be use the test driven development (TDD) practices where the test code is created before the code being tested is created. Unit testing is essential, although limited in terms of scope. Test coverage is based only on unit testing is rarely sufficient to ensure that the application is free of errors. Another important approach is to continuous integration.


Devops Unit testing is a software development process in which the smallest testable parts of an applications are called units, these are independently & individually scrutinized for proper operation. It is usually automated but,  it can also be done manually. Unit testing mode is a component of Extreme Programming, a pragmatic method of a software development that takes an accurate approach to build a product or by means of continual testing & revision. Unit testing involves only those of characteristics that are necessary to performance of the unit under test. This stimulate the developers to modify the source code without any immediate concerns about how such changes might be affect in the functioning of other units or the program as a whole. Once all  the units in a program have been found to be working in the most efficient & error-free manner, larger factors of the program can be evaluated by means of an integration testing.

Unit testing can be a time-consuming & tedious. It demands patience & thoroughness on the part of the development team. It must be done with an awareness that it may not be possible to test a unit for every input scenario that will occur when the program is run in a real-world environment.

With more & more developer best practices moving into operations, the best practice of unit testing has not been explored to it’s full potential in operations. Having a suite of unit tests can clearly determine if the system is working. In a critical situation the unit test suite also helps  just as with a bug in programming – to determine the root cause faster.

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