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Industry-strength functional testing tools help to ensure that functional tests are repeatable and also help ensure that there is maximum test coverage. Unfortunately, functional testing is often limited by the features that can be accessed via the user interface. Writing good functional test cases is often challenging. Fortunately, feedback loops exist throughout the lifecycle. These loops help to identify potential test cases that could prevent defects from impacting future production releases. Feedback loops are a key resource within DevOps.


Devops Functional testing is a quality assurance process  &  a type of  black-box testing that bases its test cases on the requirements of the software component under test. Functions are tested by feeding them by giving input & examining the output & the internal program structure is rarely considered . Functional testing usually describes what the system does. It  differs from system testing in that functional testing verifies a program by checking it against design documents /requirements , while system testing validates a program by valuating it against the published user or system requirements.

Functional testing is to test the functionality of the software application under test. Basically, it helps  to check the basic functionality that was mentioned in the functional specification document. And Also to check whether software application is meeting the user expectations.  

It is a software testing process which is used within software development in which software is tested to ensure that it conforms with all the specifications. Functional testing is a way of checking  the software to ensure that it has all the required functionality that specified within its functional requirements. During functionality testing we can check the core application functions, text input,  installation & menu functions & setup on localized machines.

It verifies that each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement. This testing mainly involves black box testing & it is not concerned about the source code of the application.

Each & every functionality of the system is tested by providing appropriate input, verifying the output & comparing the actual results with the expected results. This testing involves checking of User Interface, APIs, Database, security, client/ server applications & functionality of the Application Under Test. The testing can be done either manually/ automation

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