CONGNOS TM1 Job Support


Cognos TM1 job support

Introduction of Cognos TM1 job support:

Cognos TM1 job support is a high performance BI (Business Intelligence) tool. Cognos TM1 helps in analyzing & forecasting data. IBM Cognos TM1 job support is a client-server environment which stands for Tables Manager 1. The Cognos TM1 cube is a multidimensional database that must contain at least 2 dimensions & 1 fact. Cognos TM1 data stored is the multi-dimensional OLAP cube format with all the data getting stored in the lower leaf level.

Overview of Cognos TM1 job support:

Cognos TM1  Online job support is one of the tools used in the field of BI (Business Intelligence) and DW (Data Warehousing). Cognos TM1 will provides you with the much-needed data analysis & model business techniques and also to create highly reliable, scalable solutions for great business insights & dynamic forecasts. Cognos TM1  online job support is a solution with client-server architecture & TM1 Architect is one of the standard TM1 client components that can connect to the TM1 server. It is provides TM1 Perspectives, it is a standard TM1 standalone application and needs Microsoft Excel to run and analysis on the data and producing reports. Cognos TM multidimensional analysis application a TM1 developer can also build complete budgeting, planning, & forecast models, as the OLAP cube technology also supports write-back. It is provides TM1 cubes exist within the IBM Cognos TM1 solution and data is loaded into the cube making use of a turbo-integrator process. IBM Cognos TM1 Web multi-tiered architecture includes web client, web application server and data component tiers.

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