Cassandra Big Data

Cassandra Big Data Introduction:

Apache Cassandra, a top level Apache project born at Facebook and built on Amazon’s Dynamo and Google’s BigTable, is a distributed database for managing large amounts of structured data across many commodity servers, while providing highly available service and no single point of failure.  

Overview Of Cassandra Big Data Job Support:

The Cassandra & Hadoop are likely top of the list for any company that wants to work with the  big data. The Hadoop provides the speed, resilience & performance developers need to work with the massive amounts of data, while Cassandra delivers the linear scalability & proven fault tolerance on the commodity hardware or the cloud infrastructure to support the mission-critical data.

The Apache Cassandra is an second-generation distributed database originally an open-sourced by the Facebook. Its write-optimized shared-nothing architecture results in the excellent performance as well as scalability.  The Apache Cassandra is an open-source, distributed as well as decentralized and distributed storage system (database), for managing the very large amounts of structured data spread out across the world.

Cassandra moves away from the master-slave model & instead uses an peer-to-peer model. This means there is no single master but all the nodes are the potentially masters. This makes the writes & reads extremely scalable &  even allows nodes to function in cases of the partition tolerance.

The Cassandra Big Data is an highly scalable, high performance distributed database designed to handle the large amounts of data across many commodity servers,which provides high availability with no single point of failure. It is an type of NoSQL database.

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